Transfer and Deposit FarmerCoin update

Farmers can transfer unlimited FarmerCoin in Farmers’ stack to other farmers’ stack with little CPU.

Farmers can deposit FarmerCoin NFT a little by little so as not to exceed CPU limit.

Withdrawing and transferring NFT consumes a lot of CPU. Farmers can now use the Transfer FarmerCoin feature to transfer staked coins to other farmers.

Note that the Transfer & Deposit features for FarmerCoin is currently available at This feature will be updated and displayed in the Happy Farmers World version in the near future.



Update FarmerCoin Stack

1. When claiming a membership, Farmers will receive FarmerCoin in the Stack.

2. Farmers can simultaneously use FarmerCoin NFT and FarmerCoin in the Stack to craft membership.

3. When compared to using FarmerCoin NFT to create a new membership, using FarmerCoin in the Stack helps Farmers save a lot of CPU.

4. When Farmers need to exchange FarmerCoin on AtomicHub market, you can use the Withdraw function to withdraw.

This FarmerCoin Stack mode will assist users in reducing CPU usage when claiming membership and crafting new membership while also providing a better user experience.

Note that the Withdraw feature for FarmerCoin is currently available at This feature will be updated and displayed in the Happy Farmers World version in the near future.



Will Farmers World update or not? That’s probably the question we’ve received the most in the past few months. We’ll answer that, right now, by another question: when the update?

However, we are living in special times. Real wars lead to currency wars. That may be an excuse for procrastination, but like it or not, it’s the truth. Even you hate the dark, the sun still sets.

We know, there are requirements for updates, you’ve invested in the game and of course you want it to grow. But, you guys have the investment, and we’ve got Top.3 blockchain game. Why we stop???

If nothing changes, next month promises to be an explosive month for Farmers World. Hope you understand what we mean.



The cryptocurrency market in general and the blockchain gaming industry in particular are still in a down phase. We conduct many market surveys, and the results show that Farmers World is not only the leading game on WAX platform but also all other platforms.

Farmers World’s player count even surpassed Axie Infinity at times. It is a good signal to wait for the market to warm up.

Besides, with impressive advertising campaigns, Farmers World has attracted many new players from large markets, especially India. We hope existing players will come together to create an active and helpful community to welcome new players.

We are told that the next few days will be a huge holiday in Farmers World’s biggest market China. We wish the Chinese farmers a happy new year.



Black Friday Event officially begins.

During the event, all farmers, when crafting tools or farmbuilding, will randomly receive a 5% — 15% discount on crafting fees.

Specifically, the NFTs applied to the event are:

  • Wood tools: Stone Axe / Axe / Saw / Chainsaw
  • Food tools: Fishing Rod / Fishing Net / Fishing Boat
  • Gold tool: Mining Excavator
  • Farmbuilding: Cowshed / Coop / Farm Plot

Note: Farmers must have the required amount of resources when crafting. After the crafting process ends, farmers will get back 5% — 15% of the token amount depending on luck.

End time: 6AM 27 Nov (UTC time)



Random Number Generator (RNG) has always been a challenge for blockchain games with a large number of players. By being able to guess the results from the RNG module, an attacker can use it to cheat the results to their advantage. In detail, they normally use a smart contract to play the game when performing actions related to the RNG module. Once the outcome is not favorable to the attacker, they can rollback the result and repeat the action until it creates beneficial results.

Specifically, we have recently detected and promptly blocked: By guessing the RNG, the attacker cheated to increase the chance of getting the GOLD membership card.

Now, we are pleased to announce that our Farmers World game completely fixed the issues related to RNG.