A Memorable Story

Do you remember the HAPPYFARM (game on Facebook) that was once viral more than 10 years ago? Many of my friends say that they only install Facebook to play that game. Admittedly, i was once a fan of Happyfarm and dedicated a lot of my time to it.

As we begin developing Farmersworld, we have already determined the path that we are going to take, the goal that we are aiming for, and the fantastic experiences that we are going to provide players with.

Although the current trend of games simply involves “Play To Earn”, we decide to opt for another way. We would like our players to both “Play To Earn” and “Play For Fun”. We want to ensure that our participants will have delightful experiences aside from merely clicking to exploit resources.

Drawing inspiration from the once-famous Happyfarm game, we are currently building a similar version where players can grow plants, chop wood, fish, and raise livestock and poultry just as real farmers do.

As one of the few NFTs games to release gameplay and stick to what is shown on the roadmap, Farmers World promises to give players enjoyable gaming spaces — the ones we call “Happy Farmers World”.

Stay tuned.



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