Crops & Farm Animals Overview

Farmers World
3 min readSep 27, 2021


A. Building barns and crops

To raise livestocks and grow crops, the first thing to do is to build barns and improve the soil quality.

The building/improving work needs time and materials. Materials are made from gold and wood.

This building/improving work will have to go through enough stages. It will also consume an amount of Farmer’s energy at each stage.

After the building/improving work is completed, farmers can start the process of raising/growing with the number of animals/crops that fits the type of barns/soils.

When the barn/soil is no longer in use, farmers can dismantle it to get the original materials back. Note that there must be no animals/plants in the barn/soil during the dismantle process.

B. Farming

Farming plays an important role in this version. Barley is used as food for Animals, and corn kernels are used as food during the reproductive process of cows.

There are two types of crops: barley and corn.

- Barley: Need to use seeds to plant, when they are fully grown, you can harvest barley.

- Corn: similar to barley, need to grow from seeds and farmers will harvest corn.

During the farming process, if farmers forget to water the plants for a long time, this will affect the growth rate of the plants.

C. Raising

Currently, Farmers World in this version has 2 types of Animals: Cows and Chickens.

  1. Cows:
  • Baby Calf consumes milk and time through feeding many times until it grows into Calf (male/female).
  • Calf (male/female) consumes barley and time through feeding many times until it grows into Bull or Dairy Cow.
  • Dairy Cow consumes barley and time to produce milk. Besides, Bulls and Dairy Cows are used for the breeding process.

2. Chickens: Includes Chicken Egg, Chick and Chicken

  • Chicken Egg: In the process of raising chickens, need time take care (many times) until they become a Chick.
  • Chick: Consumes barley and time through many feeding times to become Chicken
  • Chicken: consumes barley and time through many feeding times to produce Chicken Eggs.

Note: When farmers don’t want to keep their Animals, they can take them out of the barn. The process of growing/ producing final products will be canceled.

D. Breeding

Farmers can now combine 1 Bull and 1 Dairy Cow to give birth Baby Calves.

This process takes a certain amount of corn and time.

E. Other uses of products from farming/breeding

Besides using milk to raise a baby calf, barleys to raise a calf, bull, dairy cow or chick, chicken. These products are also used for other purposes:

1. Rewards exchange: By exchanging milk, barleys, and corns, or chicken eggs, the player will receive resource.

2. Materials for the future: these farming/breeding products, in the next update, will be used as raw materials to made food for Pets.

F. In-game market

To help farmers access this farming/breeding feature, we created an in-game market in this version. Here we have:

  • Baby calf.
  • Chicken Egg.
  • Barley Seed/ Corn Seed.