Farmers World, now, then, and future

This chapter we want to tell you about our Roadmap

Farmers World
2 min readJul 2, 2021

FARMERS WORLD is one of the fastest growing NFT Game that Farmers farm GOLD and NTFS within FarmersWorld just simply by mining and playing in the game.

FarmersWorld’s Roadmap


  • A group of talented game developers and creative designers prepared the most enjoyable game script and designed attractive characters and items.
  • Then we started to develop UI. To give the best experience ever for our Farmers, we tried to test UI day by day. Finally, we decided to bring the Beta UI version to players.
  • Now, standard packages were released and sold. Farmers can receive those packages via publisher’s drop events or buy from other players at a decentralized marketplace.

In a short term

  • A basic work of farmers is working on their own farms. Farmers will grow crops, harvest then, and exchange fruits with others to complete a variety of fruit collections. From that, farmers can earn valuable rewards when acquiring all of the required fruits.
  • New characters and items: Due to the development of FarmersWorld, we will introduce new characters and items with fantastic illustrations and promised features.
  • Mobile app: Not only on the computer version. To adapt to the player’s demand. We are currently developing FarmersWorld on both iOS and Android platforms in order to provide players with a fantastic brand-new experience.

In the long term

  • Clashes: The white tribes, as well as the red ones, have discovered the farms and are planning to conquer them. Aware of this potential threat, farmers now start to forge new weapons, recruit new warriors, and join forces to protect their farms against dangerous intruders. It appears that devastating conflicts are seemingly inevitable.
  • FarmersWorld’s Ecosystem: Players can easily switch resources between Farmersworld and other games. For example, players can bring their land and troops in other games to FarmersWorld and vice versa
  • Farmers Land: After mining gold, farmers will find ways to buy new land on which they build their farms.