Farmers World — The core value

We want to say thank you, together we are making Farmers World have rapid growth, an amazingly balanced economy.

We’ve talked a lot about gaming experiences. Some people see the game as an investment, they care about profits, but after all, we understand that it is necessary to give players more. Our view is that the game no matter what genre it is, besides making money the experience when playing is the core value.

Let’s look forward to the Happy Farmers World version as a new wind in the world of blockchain game. We are proud to be one of the few game publishers with a clear commitment to the development roadmap.

We’ve mentioned several times that we’re going to have an IDO in November. It’s really going to be an important milestone not only for Farmers World, but an opportunity for all farmers. We thank you for your support, and look forward to you accompanying us to achieve explosive growth in the near future.




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Farmers World

Farmers World

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