Frequently Asked Questions in Farmers World

Farmers World FAQs

Q: what are NFTs?

A: “NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital items which use blockchain technology to verify their uniqueness. Farmers World uses NFTs as digital game recorded on the WAX blockchain . You, the Farmer, own NFTs in a similar way to how you own physical items, except NFTs are digital.”

Q: What blockchain does Farmers World use?

A: “Farmers World is game that runs on WAX blockchain platform.”

Q: What is Farmers World?

A: “Farmers World is the first farming game to function on the NFTs platform. Pick for yourself suitable tools, exploit various resources, buying land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem.”

Q: What is a Farmer?

A: “You, in game player, using in game tools to create your own unique Farmers World”.

Q: How to participate Farmers World?

A:”To be a part of Farmers World, you need to own a WAX wallet, and equip tools to start your journey. To create WAX account, access:" .

Q: How to get tools in Farmers World?

A: “With new Farmers, There are 2 ways to get new tools:

— Purchasing on AtomicHub (Drops or Secondary Market):

— Using “Craft” feature in game to create new tools.

Q: What are Wood, Food, Gold and FWW, FWF, FWG?

A: “There are 3 main resources in Farmers World: Wood, Food and Gold corresponding to 3 tokens: FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), FWG (Gold).”

Q: How to get FWW, FWF, FWG?

A: “Corresponding to 3 types of token, there are 3 tool groups to exploit that resources
1. FWW: Axe, Saw, ChainSaw
2. FWF: Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, Fishing Boat.
3. FWG: Mining Excavator
Besides, it can be bought from decentralized marketplaces or other farmers.”

Q: What is Durability?

A: “This index indicates the durability of tool, Each tool has the different durability index. In mining process, durability index will be decreased, to recover it players must use FWG. in case of the tool is not enough durability index, players cant remove it or change to another tool. The tool that has durability index equals to 0 is not lost.”

Q: What is Energy?

A: “It shows energy losses in mining process. consuming energy depends on each tool. Use FWF to recover Energy.”

Q: What is countdown time?

A: “After mining, it will take a time to continue. In countdown status, items can not be removed or changed.”

Q: Can i sell or buy FWF, FWW, FWG?

A: “Players can sell or purchase tokens: FWF, FWW, FWG at decentralized marketplace such as Alcor. Player can give or receive from their friends.”




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