Generating tools, Energy and Durability

Not only the 3 main tokens: FWW, FWF, FWG in game, indexes related to the 3 main tokens are energy and durability index.

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2 min readJun 28, 2021


Initial energy index when participating in a game is 200 (maximum 500), and the durability of item depends on type of items that players use. The durability index will be listed in the table.

In the mining process we need to consume energy and use equipment (durability index).After a mining time, we must eat (energy recovery) and repair (durability recovery).

The recovery process consumes tokens:

  • Health recovery: 1 FWF consumption gets 5 health points.
  • Durability recovery: 1 FWG consumption gets 5 durability points.
(95 / 100) Need 1 FWG to recovery

Generating new tools

As mentioned before, we have many ways to receive tools: getting free, purchasing or generating. Generating required to consume WOOD and GOLD, corresponding to FWW and FWG.

Need 200 FWG and 1200 FWW to create a new FISHING ROD

Table of generating item costs: