Happy September Event — Telegram

We’re holding a Happy September Event to celebrate the release of new items, new features, and most importantly, the first offering of animals, as well as a huge update at Farmers World during the Drop at the end of this month.

The rewards include 20 Happy Gifts and 200 whitelisted slots for the drop on September 26th.

  1. 20 “Happy Gift” gifts for the top 20.
  2. 200 whitelist slots for Top 200.

To participate in this event, Farmers are required to be members of the Farmers World — Official group (https://t.me/farmersworldofficial), and must set up a username for their telegram account before joining the event.

How to participate:

  1. Chat with FarmersWorld — Tracker (https://t.me/FarmersWorld_TrackerBot)
  2. Enter your WAX wallet to confirm your participation (Note: Make sure you enter the correct wax wallet address, as the wax wallet cannot be changed later, we accept both Wax Wallet and Anchor Wallet). Example: If your wallet is kaka.wam, you must type: /setwallet kaka.wam (be carefull the space between /setwallet and your wallet)
  3. After entering the Wax wallet, Farmers will receive a unique referral link.
  4. Use that referral link to invite your friends to join our telegram channel.

Time: 3PM September 19 to 3PM September 24 (UTC time)

Note that we can count people who join our group through your referral link and that contributes in your ranking. The accounts you use for this event should be unique and corresponding to a single wax wallet address.

The farmers ranking will be updated in real time at: https://farmersworld.io/event

20 Happy Gifts will be sent on October 5th.