How to enable 2FA

Home screen

Click on the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the screen

The padlock icon

The Interface shows that 2FA has not been enabled. Click the Enable button to install 2FA.

Click the Enable button to install 2FA

This screen appears when you click Enable. Scan the QR code into authenticator apps such as Duo or Google Authenticator or save the code line on the right hand side. When using it, just paste it into or other similar sites to receive the OTP code.

Scan the QR code or save the code line

After that, don’t forget to save the private key on paper in case you lose the OTP code.

If you lost both 2FA Secret and Backup key (Private key), there is NO WAY to unlock your 2FA. Please save Backup key (Private key) carefully.

Store backup key carefully

Next, enter the OTP code in the box for the first checking step.

Verification code

This is the notification when entering the wrong code.

Make sure you enter correct OTP code

The settings panel allows you to set How long each 2fa unlock lasts (Life Time) and select which features to lock.

Life time: time duration in which you do not have to unlock 2FA again to use locked feature.

Select lock features

This is the notification when enabling 2fa successfully. Click done to complete 2fa registration.

After signing up for 2FA, this is how the settings panel looks like for the next time you connect. You can press Disable

Users can enter OTP code to unlock 2FA.

Or you can use the private key — which is given when signing up for 2FA. It is not recommended to use the private key instead of the OTP code. You should only use it when losing OTP code.

This is the notification when you unlock 2FA successfully. Before performing any locked actions, 2FA must be unlocked.

You will get this notification when 2FA is not unlocked before using locked features.




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