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Farmers World
5 min readAug 22, 2021

1. Overview of Membership

In this update, Farmers World releases a new feature called Membership. In order for these features to be applied to the game, Farmers World will release new items, including:

- Membership card.

- Farmer Coin (the material for crafting membership cards).

The membership card system gives card owners Farmer Coins and grants farmers the ability to equip more working tools and store the number of mining attempts.

Another interesting point is that membership cards can increase the farmers’ luck, thus giving farmers chances to receive more resources during the mining process.

2. Classification of membership

The membership system is divided into 4 levels:

- Level 1: Bronze Member (common)

- Level 2: Silver Member (uncommon)

- Level 3: Gold Member (rare)

- Level 4: Diamond Member (epic)

The membership system also diversifies depending on the resources featured in the game. In the meantime, FW features 3 types of resources: Food, Wood, and Gold; therefore, we have a total of 12 kinds of membership cards.

3. Key features of membership

Farmers who own membership cards may use them and receive rewards after 1 day (Charge Time).

Farmers can store the reward for N days (Stored Mining) depending on the level of the card.

When farmers claim reward, they must have at least 100 energy (for 1 day). Because this action will consume max 100 energy. If you have reward for N days, you must have at least N * 100 energy.

The main reward given to membership card possessors is the Farmer Coin. The amount of Farmer Coin granted to farmers varies randomly depending on Reward Rate.

For example: In this case, a farmer equips a Silver Member card. When wearing the card, after 1 day (24h), the farmer can receive his reward once (default). After some time, the farmer can obtain 3 additional Stored Mining. Altogether, this farmer can attain reward up to 4 times (4 x Reward).

Detailed descriptions of the reward system are presented in the table below:

Farmers are only allowed to stake up to 2 membership cards for a specific type of resource.

4. Supporting features of membership

Apart from the aforementioned key feature, membership also grants farmers the ability to wear more mining tools. Usually, for a particular type of resource, farmers can only wear up to 2 tools at the same time to mine. The number of additional working tools that players can wear depends on the type of card they use:

Extra slots: the number of tools equipped to mine a specific type of resource is expanded.

Stored mining: accumulate mining attempts for tools that exploit the same kind of resource.

For example: Normally we can only wear 2 Axes at the same time. When using a Wood bronze member card, we can wear 1 additional wood-farming tool. With 1 supplementary axe, we can equip up to 3 Axes to mine at a time, and the Stored Mining we have in this case is 1. This means that if we perform mining on 1 Axe after not mining for 2h, we will receive 1 default reward (after 1h of countdown) and 1 reward coming from our Stored Mining => we get x2 reward at a time. Since this Stored Mining can be applied to 3 Axes, we can claim x6 reward after 2h.

The farmer only wears 1 card in the example above. So what happens when we use 2 cards?

Assume that this farmer wears 1 Bronze member and 1 Gold member card, both of which are for Wood. Extra slots and Stored Mining granted by the Bronze member and the Gold member are 1;1 and 2;4, respectively. We can perform the calculation as below:

- The maximum number of equipped tools at a time is:

2 (default) + 1 (Bronze card) + 2 (Gold card) = 5

- The number of Stored Mining is: 1+ 4 = 5

- Reward amount to be received is 5 (membership cards) + 1 (default) = 6

In this case, if we wear 5 Axes and perform wood mining after resting for 5h, the maximum reward attained is 5x6 = x30 reward.

Extra Maximum Energy: the default maximum energy index is 500. The number of increased energy index varies depending on the level of the card. For example, a person wearing 2 Silver cards will have his energy index expanded as below:

500 (default) + 400 (silver card) + 400 (silver card) = 1300

5. Important parameters

Lucky: the higher the lucky parameter, the better chance of receiving mining bonuses farmers will get.

When claiming membership rewards, farmers will have a chance to get tokens of the same type of resource that the cards feature (the higher the tools’ reward rates, the more tokens farmer can attain). Example: If a farmer equips a Wood Bronze member card, he will receive Farmer Coin and Wood Tokens.

Farmers will have a chance to get tokens of the same type of resource that the cards feature when mining.

Example: If a farmer equips a Wood Bronze member card, he will have a chance to get extra Wood Tokens when exploiting Wood.

When using 2 member cards of the same type of resource, farmers will get the lucky resonance effect.

Example: If a farmer equips a Wood Bronze member card (10 Lucky) and a Wood Silver member card (20 Lucky), the new Lucky parameter will be 30 and is applied to both the Silver and Bronze cards,

Unstaking Days: the days starting from the removal of member cards to the retrieval of them. When proceeding to unstake, farmers will not be allowed to claim benefits from the cards. This takes effect immediately. During unstaking days, farmers can reuse the member cards by restaking them.

6. Crafting Membership

Farmers can attain membership cards by joining drops, buying on Atomic Secondary Market, or crafting them in the game. The key materials for making membership cards are Farmer Coin and FWG (Gold).

The table details how much Farmer Coin and Gold is required to craft membership cards at different levels.

Farmer Coin can be acquired through staking membership cards or purchasing from users on Atomic Secondary Market.

The crafted membership card will belong to one random type of the 3 featured resources.