Monthly Report — December

Farmers World
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Dear Farmers,

We have to wait until the last days of December to write this report, because we really don’t want to repeat the words such as “please be patient”, “wait until the end of December”, “wait the holiday season is over”, “wait until people start going back to the market”…although that makes sense.

Instead, we’ll tell you that we’ve finally gotten through the tough times together.

Likewise, we’re not going to try to incorporate numbers into this report just to prove that everything is fine, or that the development team is still working to the best of our ability. Instead, we attached a photo from DappRadar to prove it.

The plans were delayed because of the downtrend of the market, we have restarted from today.

We can’t promise FW will “to the Moon”, but we do promise that if there is any road to there, FW will try to lead the race.