Monthly Report — November

In the recent time, our community has been witnessing the tremendous growth in the value of Wax coin. At the result, WAX Blockchain becomes worldwidely recognized as the Top.1 platform for activity.

Even though there were a few issues occured, the way we resolved them has been greatly appreciated by the player community. This strongly demonstrated our developers’ responsibility and commitment to the long-term plans for Farmers World.

We have updated the system architecture for security and scalability to accommodate the Farmverse ecosystem. This upgrade attracts more new members. According to statistics, in the last 30 days, the number of players has increased. Farmers World grows very well.

On the other hand, we have planned and run the biggest marketing campaign ever across multiple platforms: AtomicHub, DappRadar, CoinMarketCap and social networks. This marketing campaign will be a big boom for the upcoming Ancient Drop as an easy entry point for newbies, as well as IDO event where we reached a very good deal with big funds and angel investors for Seed Round.

Some of the work we achieved this November:

  • Update System security
  • Improve Happy Farmers World in a more epic direction before the official release.

Remaining time in November, we will:

  • Apply the 2FA feature to ensure the safety of tokens and items equipped in the game.
  • We continue to improve and upgrade the security system, so some content could be delayed and expected to be completed in the next few days.
  • Continue to complete the negotiation process with other investment funds and angel investors
  • We promise you a big event. The event’s details will be announced in the next few days with the announcement of the Ancient Drop time.




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