Monthly Report — October

October with the upheaval has almost passed. Farmers and development team come together to welcome November with important Farmers World events.

This November, Farmers World officially announced to everyone that we are very close to the biggest Farmers World Token IDO release in the history of blockchain gaming.

We have worked with more than 10 major investment funds in the world, and decided to go with partners who have the same vision for the future development of Farmers World.

We have designed tokenomics, properly distributed with a long-term vision. Specifically, investors and development teams will hold tokens for a minimum of 1 year before being released in small parts. This is an unwavering commitment to the community.

We also introduce a new concept: Farmverse, where farmers experience their journey across all continents of the world, they can grow rice in the Asian plains, can raise cows in the fields of Europe, fish in the Amazon rivers. But more than that, they can go to other planets to explore land, grow crops, raise livestock. We will create a shimmering, colorful world, vast fields… Besides, we will also introduce the Farmers World ecosystem which we will keep secret until the last minute to create an interesting surprise.

This November we will also hold a Drop to introduce new tools, stay tuned, farmers.

Thank you.

Farmers World Dev Team.




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