Monthly Report — September

We admit that the past two months have been a great time for the development team as we have seen the game grow strongly. We hope that you have had a similar experience. Together, we make Farmers World the current Top-2 game on the Wax platform and have a high position on Dappradar.

We realized that many new opportunities came, many doors opened, and we had to put our feet on the ground to catch the opportunity to make Farmers World the No.1, to be able to compete fairly with Alien World, Axie Infinity…

Are we dreamers? Absolutely no.

Since last monthly report to now, we’ve come a long way in establishing a partnership system. We currently have more than 20 media partners around the world, focusing on exploiting potential markets such as the Philippines, Russia, and Spanish-speaking countries besides the traditional English-speaking markets.

Through effective marketing campaigns, we have also built a community of over 150,000 players, which is one of the largest communities currently in the gaming industry.

We also work with investment funds in Asia and the Americas. And fortunately, we have many like-minded partners and investors who ready to help make Farmers World become something truly explosive. We have not shared further information at this stage, as the final rounds of negotiations are still underway
But we firmly believe that your trust and support will be rewarded.