We would like to announce the results of IDO — FARMVERSE and ANCIENT DROPS EVENT on

With more than 132,000 participants, our community channels have seen a huge increase, twitter has achieved a growth of 400% in followers.

The system has also recorded a tremendous growth in the number of new players joining.

The following is the order of the names of the tokens voted on:

1. FAV 47.4%
2. FWV 32.9%
3. FWM 19.7%

Link to the top 500 members:…/1rocJbylcw4_WxBHey_FUFz4nxO…/edit…

If you do not enter Wax address, you are not in list.

Reward as mentioned before:

1. Top 10: Farmverse Gift Tokens.
2. Top 20: Ancient Special Gift.
3. Top 200: Get whitelisted for Round 1 — Ancient Drops.
4. Top 500: Get whitelisted for the upcoming IDO Farmverse — Public Round.


  • Top 20 will get Ancient Special Gift after Ancient Drops ends
  • Top 200 will be whitelisted for Ancient Drops Round 1 at 1:30 am on November 29th UTC time
  • The top 10 and top 500 will be notified specifically about the time to receive gifts and whitelist for IDO after the official information about the IDO Public Round is available.



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