Two new highlights after Ancient Drops

A. A Farmers World’s primitive tool.

Ancient Stone Axe (ASA) is the most primitive logging tool in Farmers World, which is suitable for novice farmers.

Ancient Stone Axe requires 1 durability and 4 energy to start a 120 minutes mining process to earn 0.7* value FWW

Please note that Stone Axe was released in the previous version and is considered as the Intermediate version, compared with the current ASA and Axe. This makes Stone Axe suitable for both novice farmers and experienced farmers.

Stone Axe requires 3 durability and 5 energy to start a 60 minutes mining process to earn 1.7* value FWW

B. Coupon Tickets

Not only does the ASA come out in this December release, but there are also many coupon tickets to help farmers discover Farmers World more easily.

Return crafting cost is one of them. This type of coupon ticket will help farmers get back a portion of the resource fees used for crafting new items.

Specifically, there are 3 types:


  • A Return crafting cost can only be used for crafting tools or farmbuilding
  • A Return crafting cost can only be used once per item created.

In conclusion:

After Ancient Drops ends, farmers will be able to use ASA and Return Crafting Cost. By then, we will have an official announcement.



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