Withdraw-fee and Partnership Program

As you all know, when converting the resources you mined to the corresponding token, we charge withdraw-fee, this fee will be updated automatically every hour.

Withdraw section

The withdraw-fee collected, we use for the following purposes:

  • Pay to Partnership program partners. We currently have 20 media partners around the world, we are expanding daily.
  • Recruit more experts for future plans to build and develop content continuously.
  • Add to exchange liquidity, system maintenance and support player.
  • Advertising on social platforms and KOLs, Dappradar, AtomicHub, Wax Wallet.
  • List FW token on Coinmarketcap, Binance

Currently, we are having many incentives for the Partnership Program, by providing Referral Links for them to accompany us in promoting the game Farmers World, we are paying 60% of the withdraw-fee collected to the partners in this program. This is a testament to everyone’s understanding that we are very interested in promoting and finding new players to join, with the aim of growing Farmers World into the biggest Play To Earn game on the Wax platform in particular and Blockchain in general.

If you have your own community, do not hesitate to contact us to join the Partnership program.
Email: partners@farmersworld.io