Dear Farmers,

We have to wait until the last days of December to write this report, because we really don’t want to repeat the words such as “please be patient”, “wait until the end of December”, “wait the holiday season is over”, “wait until people start going back to the…

Black Friday Event officially begins.

During the event, all farmers, when crafting tools or farmbuilding, will randomly receive a 5% — 15% discount on crafting fees.

Specifically, the NFTs applied to the event are:

  • Wood tools: Stone Axe / Axe / Saw / Chainsaw
  • Food tools: Fishing Rod / Fishing Net / Fishing Boat
  • Gold tool: Mining Excavator
  • Farmbuilding: Cowshed / Coop / Farm Plot

Note: Farmers must have the required amount of resources when crafting. After the crafting process ends, farmers will get back 5% — 15% of the token amount depending on luck.

End time: 6AM 27 Nov (UTC time)

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Random Number Generator (RNG) has always been a challenge for blockchain games with a large number of players. By being able to guess the results from the RNG module, an attacker can use it to cheat the results to their advantage. In detail, they normally use a smart contract to play the game when performing actions related to the RNG module. Once the outcome is not favorable to the attacker, they can rollback the result and repeat the action until it creates beneficial results.

Specifically, we have recently detected and promptly blocked: By guessing the RNG, the attacker cheated to increase the chance of getting the GOLD membership card.

Now, we are pleased to announce that our Farmers World game completely fixed the issues related to RNG.

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We are completing 90% Seed Sale Round for the World’s Largest Funds and Angel Investors. It is revealed that one of those angel investors is a “Shark” and is also one of the investors for Axie Infinity. Stay tuned to the press in the coming days to find out who it is.

The plan for December is to complete the Private Sale Round for secondary investment funds and influencers

And the most important, the last week of December, we will open the Public Sale Round for everyone.

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In the recent time, our community has been witnessing the tremendous growth in the value of Wax coin. At the result, WAX Blockchain becomes worldwidely recognized as the Top.1 platform for activity.

Even though there were a few issues occured, the way we resolved them has been greatly appreciated by…

October with the upheaval has almost passed. Farmers and development team come together to welcome November with important Farmers World events.

This November, Farmers World officially announced to everyone that we are very close to the biggest Farmers World Token IDO release in the history of blockchain gaming.

We have…

We want to say thank you, together we are making Farmers World have rapid growth, an amazingly balanced economy.

We’ve talked a lot about gaming experiences. Some people see the game as an investment, they care about profits, but after all, we understand that it is necessary to give players…

Farmers World

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