We want to say thank you, together we are making Farmers World have rapid growth, an amazingly balanced economy.

We’ve talked a lot about gaming experiences. Some people see the game as an investment, they care about profits, but after all, we understand that it is necessary to give players…

A. Overall

In this update, we bring new, specific features of a farm that you’ve been waiting for. These new features are animal raising and cultivation. For these two features to work, the construction feature that builds the barn and the land is also included in this new version.


A. Building barns and crops

To raise livestocks and grow crops, the first thing to do is to build barns and improve the soil quality.

The building/improving work needs time and materials. Materials are made from gold and wood.

This building/improving work will have to go through enough stages. …

Hello all farmers,

After the checking process completed, we are pleased to announce the final result of the Happy September Event.
The final result is available at https://farmersworld.io/event

Congratulations to 20 farmers winning the “Happy Gift”. The “Happy Gift” will be sent to the winners on 05/10/2021

Don’t forget top 200 in this event will be whitelisted for the Happy Drop round 1 on 30/09/2021.

Thanks for your participation and see you in the next events.

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As mentioned in previous articles, we are currently working with investment funds in Asia and the US, with the goal of making Farmers World the Top.1 in the blockchain gaming.

After discussing and taking new steps in negotiation, we agreed that we will postpone the Happy Drop to 30-September to better suit the Farmers World’s Token IDO plan is scheduled in November, as well as listing on Coinmarketcap and the Binance Exchange that we have officially started.

We updated the drop plan as follows:

  • Happy Drop — Round 1: 30/9
  • Happy Drop — Round 2: 2/10
  • Happy Drop — Round 3: 5/10

The Round 1 whitelist registration form will be opened tomorrow — 26 September

Top 200 Telegram Event Winners will be whitelisted in Round 1.

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We admit that the past two months have been a great time for the development team as we have seen the game grow strongly. We hope that you have had a similar experience. …

What do you see in this picture?

We are happy to announce that the Happy Farmers World version has been completed finally. Due to the impact of virus SARS-CoV-2, development members have to work in extremely difficult conditions.

This is biggest update since our game launch. We put players in the role of a farmer, to go mining, planting trees, raising cattle, fighting to protect the farm against jungle monsters…

We will continue to announce the details of this update in upcoming posts on the community channels. We hope that you will enjoy the game and have an enjoyable experience.

Please let us know what do you see in this picture?

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We’re holding a Happy September Event to celebrate the release of new items, new features, and most importantly, the first offering of animals, as well as a huge update at Farmers World during the Drop at the end of this month.

The rewards include 20 Happy Gifts and 200 whitelisted…

As you all know, when converting the resources you mined to the corresponding token, we charge withdraw-fee, this fee will be updated automatically every hour.

Withdraw section

The withdraw-fee collected, we use for the following purposes:

  • Pay to Partnership program partners. …

Maybe you forgot…

Special gift is a gift from Farmers World (~1200 WAX / gift pack on secondary Market)

When unpacking it, you will randomly receive 1 reward in the following proportions:

- 30% Gold Token Pack

- 30% Food Token Pack

- 20% Wood Token Pack

- 10% Fishing rod

- 10% Axe

Fascinating isn’t it? To become a lucky farmer to receive a special gift, you still have a chance by participating Facebook Group event is happening, the event will end at 11am (UTC) September 10, 2021, Join it as soon as possible for a chance to win a Special Gift.

Join this event now: https://forms.gle/Xg45jU9jMsHtr7Bo9

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